Professional knowledge,lots of connections and the charm of ABS

Li Meina(2017 Full-Time Student)


Why I applied for a MBA

The first reason for me to choose Aoyama Business School(ABS) is the abundant curriculum resources. In compulsory basic courses, you can acquire the basic knowledge, which is required for the international management, of each field in business. In optional courses, you can acquire advanced skills, logical thinking, and global perspective, which are very important in the international business.

The second reason is that ABS has two courses,Full-time course and Flex-time course. Because Full-time students and Flex-time students can choose same lessons, as a Full-time student I can learn the working experience and social experience from working adults. Also, since I don’t have working experience, it is very useful for me to communicate with the working adults in lessons. Furthermore, considering applying for a job in the future, it is very necessary to network in ABS. In a word, because there are many excellent professors and students in ABS, studying in ABS is a really wonderful experience.

My life as an international student

Because my major was Japanese before entering ABS, it was very difficult for me to learn business knowledge at first. However, my classmates were very friendly. After class, I did my homework with my friends in the seminar room, and when I had troubled, they were kind to help me with my homework. Before class, I always prepare lessons. In the face of problems that I was not able to solve, I would ask my classmates or professors. With the help of my classmates and professors, I finished my first year successfully.

The most impressing thing, after entering ABS, is learning atmosphere. Everyone in ABS has a clear aim and fight for it. Therefore, they know how to choose lessons that they are interested in. I am also influenced by the atmosphere and choose lessons that will help me to achieve my dream. Some full-time students also have working experience. I can also ask them for some career advices.

What I will do after my MBA graduation

After graduation, I will apply for a job in Japan. In the second year, I sign up for MPP course, which is short for “Marketing Planning Project”. I think the knowledge of marketing will improve my future career. To sum up, ABS can not only expend your knowledge but also can help you to grasp the working skills through giving you the chance to meet excellent people. I believe the knowledge that I learned and the precious experience created by all the students and professors in ABS will help me have a promising future.