A step towards working in Japan

Florence CONNERADE(2016 Full-Time Student)


Why I applied for a MBA

The reason I have applied for a business school is that I was interested in learning about business in Japan and the marketing strategy of brands. I also wanted to get knowledge and skills about it to work in an international company in Japan. Aoyama Business school has many classes about what I wanted to learn so I chose this MBA. I found also very interesting the “Marketing Planning Project” because it is an opportunity to get not only marketing knowledge but also real skills and an experience of achieving a goal with a team.

When I decided to apply for ABS, I was interested in marketing and brand strategies, but I was also attracted by the fact that we must learn many business topics as finance, accountability, organizational behavior management etc. It is a good opportunity to get wide knowledge about business and to discover something new that would interest us.

ABS is a school where I wanted to learn about business and management, but also about how I can make use of it in my future job. It is also a place where I can improve my Japanese and English language skills and where I can meet and learn how to communicate with people with different backgrounds.

My life as an international student

As a Full-time international student who does not work yet, my everyday life in ABS is mainly about studying for my MBA. I also participate in my free time to a student group called “Kanjikai” which organize ABS events, to make new friends and to participate to the student life.

During the first year, we must learn about many different things and I was not used to study in Japanese so I had to do my best everyday. I was also busy with many group work I must participate for a paper writing or a presentation. When I became second year student, I also started job searching as many full-time students. For this reason, I decided to organize my MBA schedule mainly on the evening in order to be available for job interviews. Now that I have found a job, I plan to choose my next classes based on what I am interested in and what I must learn for the future in my company. I also want to get more experience through groupworks and my ABS student life before to work.

What I will do after my MBA graduation

After my graduation, I want to utilize effectively the skills and knowledge I got through the MBA classes, groupworks and so on. Being a ABS student also gave me a unique opportunity to get precious experiences as learning about how to communicate with people of different backgrounds, or about how to think differently and get new opinions. I hope I could be able to use these experiences, as a human and a working person.