I gained valuable learning experience that could not be provided in traditional textbooks.

Hisao Ito

Hisao Ito

My main impetus for considering an MBA program was that I felt somewhat uneasy relying more on senses or feelings than on logic and data when making daily marketing decisions. I felt a lack of confidence presenting to upper management or explaining to the people I supervise when asked why I made decisions or my rationale for wanting to move in a particular direction.

After 7 years of work experience in America, I returned home to Japan last April. I had previously been interested in entering an MBA program, but the options in America were mainly just for full time students and were costly to foreign participants. Besides not wanting to quit working, I also had a sense that I might learn more from thinking through my insights into Japan’s strengths and weaknesses based on my experience abroad using my native language. ABS was able to help me identify my weaknesses, where I needed to go, and provide the right environment for testing my conceptual limits.

One thing that particularly helped me is the ABS curriculum. Their program helps you complete all the core subjects that are essential to the MBA program within a year, while still maintaining a corporate career. They also provide a great environment for meeting other students from different backgrounds. Classes often encouraged active student participation and were organized around case studies. In this way, you gain a valuable learning experience that cannot be provided in a traditional text book.

I can also say that another attraction of ABS is their great faculty of teachers. The passion of the teachers is evident because many of them have a background working in the field they are teaching. In spite of attending class after work, many times the 90 minute classes seemed to go by quickly. No matter what questions we would bring up, the teachers would always respond politely and challenge us to broaden our minds. Many times we would lose track of time and engage in heated debate until past midnight.

At ABS, you could really feel a sense of unity among the students and professors. You start to forget about your individual goals, and as the hands-on learning environment of ABS catches on, you are challenged to look at the big picture and engage in larger shared goals taking root in the real world.

Despite the part of me that doesn’t like to study, I am looking forward to starting class next semester. I feel that I have grown as a person because ABS offers such a great environment. I can confidently recommend this program to everyone.